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(B0) Breathing Meditation - Basic breathing techniques for physical relaxation leading to meditation. We will focus on opening flow within the body, increasing focus and concentration within the mind, and creating the building blocks of a method for processing emotion. Some guided meditation.

The Art of Acting - No gimmicks or theories. No complicated analysis structure. No psychological manipulation of your unresolved conflicts. No As Ifs, Ands, or Buts. Just the fundamentals of the Art Form called Acting. This is an overview focusing on foundational theory.

Foundational Warm-up - Jeff's teaching style is revealed in his unique 45 minute warm-up. His use of sense memory and imagery exercises in combination with traditional vocal and physical warm-up techniques provide an extensive and complete warm-up of the mind, body, voice, and imagination. "When I warm-up, I don't just do it to get the kinks out. That's just the first stage. ... Then I get my instrument ready for the work - body, mind and soul. ... I like to get all the juices flowing!!" This is a complete overall warm-up that is easy to remember, so, the student can take it with them to use long after the course is over.

Fantasy and Fairy Tales - This class is a combination of storytelling and interactive drama to help pre-teens take the issues of today and make them larger than life. This makes the complex problems of today easy and fun to take apart and examine. A great course for teachers and parents as well as children. (All children under the age of thirteen must be accompanied by an adult.)

Creative Expressions - Painting, Theatre, Sculpting, Music, Writing, Dance are all expressions of creativity. Using movement and vocal work, this course teaches you to gain access to your sources of creativity and broadens your ability to express yourself. Great for dealing with creative blocks.

From Improv to Chekov - This course takes the group through the entire theatrical process from developing plot and characters to improvisation and rehearsing to planning productions and performance. Can include basic instruction in costumes, sets, and lights.

Tragic Movements and Comedic Timing - This course teaches how to create dramatic effects through the use of movement, stance, position and timing. This includes classic training in how to walk, gesture, stand, sit, and crawl on stage, as well as, the ins and outs of dramatic beats, takes, and timing.

Character Development - How to create and "flesh out" characters with emphasis on playing out of your "type". The course will cover finding the character's look, feel, and voice and show how to use costumes and props effectively to expand your portrayal.

Imagery and Sense Memory - An in-depth course in the technique of imagery and the uses of sense memory. Learn how to create place and mood without sets or special effects. Learn to create truly magical moments on stage using only yourself and your imagination as tools.

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