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Level 0

(B0) Breathing Meditation - Basic breathing techniques for physical relaxation leading to meditation. We will focus on opening flow within the body, increasing focus and concentration within the mind, and creating the building blocks of a method for processing emotion. Some guided meditation. Meditation Sessions - Usually between classes, sometimes guided, sometimes quiet. Preceding class participants have priority to practice what they have just learned. Others may fill in as space permits.

Level 1 - Clearing Your Path - (Prerequisite: B0)

(B1) Breathwork - Physical breathwork exercises to increase your ability to know yourself. Explore your body from the inside with breath and meditation techniques. Identify blockages and work to release them. Become more in tune with your own inner rhythms and cycles, which can alert you to changes in overall state of health.

(E1) Sensing Energy - Guidance in sensing and differentiating between types of energy. Easy exercises to introduce rhythm, cycles, frequency, and tuning to a chosen energy both within and without.

(N1) Lessons in Listening - An experiential workshop in working with Nature. Learn to take in the sights and sounds of the natural world. Understanding the flow of energy in uncivilized areas can lead you to insights into the greater mysteries of life. These workshops are conducted outdoors in a natural setting.

(V1) Meditation/Visualization - Practical techniques to develop and improve your ability to visualize. The focus of the class is to deepen and clarify your ability to visualize while in meditation. Specific tools will be introduced that are used in later courses.

The Five Gates of Consciousness - Travel down into your subconscious through the Five Gates of Consciousness. You will create a Glyph or Seal to mark or secure your Gates as we travel down into a deep meditative state. Here is where you do more involved meditative work like Spirit Guides, examine internal issues, reprogram your subconscious, and explore your Pathwork. Bring pillows or blankets for prolonged meditation.

Level 2 - Finding Your Path - (Prerequisites: Level 1)

(B2) Breathwork - Advanced techniques in breathwork. Learn to expand your breathwork into emotional, mental, and spiritual areas. (Prerequisites: B1)

(E2) Working with Energy - Advanced techniques for working with energy. Focus on using myth and symbolism to label sources of energy to enhance your ability to regain connection. Areas covered include seeking and communicating with specific energies, learning energetic languages, and validating your experiences. (Prerequisites: E1)

(N2) Working with Nature Guides - A perception altering class geared towards using your natural affinity with nature and animals to find support and confirmation in everyday life. (Prerequisites: N1)

(V2) Meditation/Visualization - Advanced techniques in visualization for use in meditation and higher level work. Among the tools discussed will be establishing sacred space, creating working landscapes, communing with archetypes, and establishing an anchor for travel. (Prerequisites: V1)

Level 3 - Building Your Path

Developing Intuition - A course in the mechanics of intuition and techniques for using it for yourself and others. (Prerequisites: E1, V1)

Discovering the Guide Within - A journey to discover your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. (Prerequisites: V2)

The Power of Purpose - A guide for creating and performing rituals. Bring candles and other personal, sacred, and ritual items for infusing with more effective energy and intent in class. (Prerequisites: E1)

Level 4 - Exploring Your Path

Advanced Topics - Advanced topics to be guided by what students want to learn. (Prerequisites: Level 3 in Topic)

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