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(Group rates are available for in-house classes)
(All classes can be taught in small ongoing segments.)

Stress Relief - Basic breathing techniques for physical relaxation and mental clarity during times of crisis. We will focus on opening flow within the body, increasing focus and concentration within the mind, and creating the building blocks of a method for processing emotion. Clearing the mind of clutter helps deepen the ability to think clearly.

Conceptualization - Lowest common denominator is not just for math. Business has basic building blocks that can be used to break down most day to day business challenges. Learning to think conceptually is the first step to streamlining your ability to solve complicated issues quickly and efficiently.

Creative Problem Solving - Scatter boards, reverse plotting, dirty tricks, in-house focus groups. These are just a few of the tools you will learn to use in this fast paced workshop. Learn to access the creative aspect of the mind to aid in problem solving. After an hour or two of this, you'll laugh at the other guys stuck in their gray box management meetings.

Dealing with Irate Customers - Filter through the emotions and get to the heart of the matter. Turn a catastrophe into gold. Learn the secret techniques used by savvy business folks every day. This applies to any business situation where there is conflict or you have a person that needs special handling to seal the deal.

Home/Business - You have 30 minutes to finish a project, the kids are screaming, the cat is sleeping on your art work, and the timer goes off on the oven just when the phone rings. Sound familiar? Learn how to separate personal life from business when working out of your own home. Basic guidelines and short cuts that will save you time, money, and sanity.

How to Schmooze - Amaze and astound your friends and family as you develop time-honored people and personal skills that will increase your self-confidence while it builds your glowing reputation. Be introduced to the Mysterious Rites of Networking. Learn how to mend bitter business relationships. Who knows it may even help your social life.

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