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Developing Awareness for Law Enforcement
(Group rates are available for conferences and in-house classes)
(All classes can be taught in small ongoing segments.)

Stress Relief - Basic breathing techniques for physical relaxation and mental clarity during times of crisis. We will focus on opening flow within the body, increasing focus and concentration within the mind, and creating the building blocks of a method for processing emotion. Clearing the mind of clutter helps deepen the ability to think clearly.

Gathering Leads - Guidance in sensing and differentiating between types of leads. Easy exercises to introduce the difference between emotional and logical conclusions. Learn to sense subtle clues surrounding a person to lead you to a quicker level of judgement. Tools to use in making split second decisions.

Developing Leads - Advanced techniques for cultivating leads and using them to further investigation. Learn to access the creative aspect of the mind to aid in problem solving.

Following Leads - Advanced techniques for following leads. Learn to be led by your instincts.

Viewing the Case from Afar - Learn how to sense the logical conclusion of a case from chaotic clues. Increase your ability to recognize patterns. Add creative problem solving techniques to your skill set.

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