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(B0) Breathing Meditation - Basic breathing techniques for physical relaxation leading to meditation. We will focus on opening flow within the body, increasing focus and concentration within the mind, and creating the building blocks of a method for processing emotion. Some guided meditation.

(E1) Energy - Guidance in sensing and differentiating between types of energy. Easy exercises to introduce rhythm, cycles, frequency, and tuning to a chosen energy both within and without. (Prerequisites: B0)

(E2) Energy - Advanced techniques for working with energy. Focus on using myth and symbolism to label sources of energy to enhance your ability to regain connection. Areas covered include seeking and communicating with specific energies, learning energetic languages, and validating your experiences. (Prerequisites: E1)

The Power of Purpose - A guide for creating and performing rituals. Bring candles and other personal, sacred, and ritual items for infusing with more effective energy and intent in class. (Prerequisites: E1)

Ritual/Spell Contruction - General course and specific rituals/spells.

Establish your Path - Define what's in/out of your path.

Investing in Mythology - Research. What flips your trigger?

Chaos Magick - Shake up your paradigm and walk on the wild side. Explore other paths.

Pathway Presentation - Different presenters.

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