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(N1) Lessons in Listening - An experiential workshop in working with Nature. Learn to take in the sights and sounds of the natural world. Understanding the flow of energy in uncivilized areas can lead you to insights into the greater mysteries of life. These workshops are conducted outdoors in a natural setting. (Prerequisites: B0)

(E1) Sensing Energy - Guidance in sensing and differentiating between types of energy. Easy exercises to introduce rhythm, cycles, frequency, and tuning to a chosen energy both within and without. (Prerequisites: B0)

(N2) Working with Nature Guides - A perception altering class geared towards using your natural affinity with nature and animals to find support and confirmation in everyday life. (Prerequisites: N1, E1)

(E2) Working with Energy - Advanced techniques for working with energy. Focus on using myth and symbolism to label sources of energy to enhance your ability to regain connection. Areas covered include seeking and communicating with specific energies, learning energetic languages, and validating your experiences. (Prerequisites: E1)

(N3) Working with Animal Energies - Focus on connecting, interpreting. (Prerequisites: E1)

(N4) Advanced work with specific Animal Energies - Specific energies, list.

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